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About Us

Offering IoT and Blockchain Fueled Smart Contract Solutions

Companies associated with logistics, finance, and production are compelled to manage paper documents and send them physically to different locations in a confidential manner. Huge heaps of papers and archives of physical documents are formed that are very difficult to be managed through traditional means.

OnTrac{k} is here so that our customers feel like they are always in control of their logistics. We want you to know where your goods or merchandise is at all times, when they are being stored, or accommodated according to your needs and parameters. We want you to know that your goods are secured and that you will be paid efficiently and without delay.

We have created a turnkey product that uses electronic Bills of Lading, smart contracts, blockchain, and IoT, to provide an extremely comprehensive and complete service. Coupled with our electronic BoL are smart agents that are connected sensors that monitor executable terms that are within the smart contract.

With our smart contract and document management solutions, you can now effectively transfer, receive, or manage the documents among your different partners without worrying about them being lost, spoiled, or damaged. All the documents are stored in a digital repository that allows you to see and access the contracts from any location.

Blended with the capabilities of Blockchain and IoT technologies, our services also enable you to supervise and facilitate the terms and conditions of a particular contract. Hence, your company can at all times ensure the optimum compliance of digital contracts based on the pre-defined parameters by two or more concerned parties.

Our Vision

As an innovator in the field of digital document creation and facilitating contract compliance, we strive to be the best by completing our objectives and goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create ubiquitous transparency and reduce the physicality of documents among businesses through Blockchain and IoT powered smart contracts.

Who we are

We are a smart contract solution provider that helps businesses associated with different fields to manage, supervise, and share essential documents digitally.

Want to Learn More?

Want to know how OnTrac{k} can help make your business even more successful? Curious about the implementation process of Smart Contracts and it’s pricing? We are here to help and answer your questions.