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Cargo Monitoring via Smart Bill of Lading

Revolutionizing your Shipping Transportation Operation via Smart BOL, Blockchain, and IoT.
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Main Features

Imagine a world where your Bill of Lading is connected directly to IoT Sensors and verifies compliance via Blockchain. Our system is turnkey. Sensors are simply connected to the Smart Bill of Lading or Contract and you can set the parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.) you desire for that particular system. These parameters are measured at regular intervals and verified via blockchain. If anything falls outside of these parameters, then you will be immediately informed. We designed the system so that it is easy to use and manage.

Smart BOL

Stay goodbye to the paper documentation and courier charges. Now you’ll have the ability to create an electronic bill of leading (BoL) within the app. Multiple user logins provided with different access points.

Remote Container Management

This feature helps turns the containers carrying your cargo into a digitally connected device capable of communicating updates relating to the cargo. Such as power status, location, humidity and temperature, etc.

Container Communication

Delivering your cargo on time and in great condition is of high importance. Regardless of where your containers are during transport, you can prevent cargo from getting spoiled by tracking real-time temperature and humidity.

Real-Time Notifications & Alerts

Should there be a breach of contract, all concerned parties are notified immediately. The seller can then ask the carrier to look into the reason for the breach of contract, which can be delays in delivery, cargo temp, etc.


With the geofencing feature, the buyer of the cargo can be notified of the cargo’s arrival at its destination and can even prepay for delivery before it’s arrival. The admin will be able to geofence areas on the map at the time of the smart contract creation.

Cargo Location Tracking

The administrator of the smart contract can provide access to all information related to the contract to other users such as the buyer. This includes the ability to receive real-time geolocation of the cargo.

How Our Solution Works?

Our solution uses smart IoT tools and sensors that can identify and measure the location, weight (and other necessary parameters), and share the live information to a centralized dashboard. These parameters can then be monitored by different partners and parties through the common platform. The dashboard is powered by blockchain technology that mitigates even the most minute chances of contract manipulation and empower effective compliance of every known terms and conditions.

Computerized Signing and Digitalization

Store and share contactless signed documents and contracts without scanning them from ERP and WMS programs directly. Automate processes to remove the physicality of contracts, reduce errors, and lower costs associated with document printing.

Easy Storage of Documents

Retain, store, and share documents electronically in real-time from one location to another. Reduce delays associated with physical printing and legacy sharing/handling of documents through automated and real-time processes.

Proof of Compliance

Have clear insight into the compliance of every pre-determined terms and condition slated in the digital contract. The proof is digitally stored which allows every party to see if the parameters were fulfilled or not.

Professional Documentation

Create shipping documents such as Bill of Ladings and packaging slips in a digital format. Use this professional documentation and store or access them in standalone or distributed systems.

Custom Solutions

Develop customized and personal branded solutions for every distinct document type. Use the solution to create comprehensive and digitally stored contracts for different workflows and different conditions.

Processing Into Physical Documents

Scan, print, and use physical documents from indexes of digital contracts. Store into a digital or physical format as per need and requirement.

Want to Learn More?

Want to know how OnTrac{k} can help make your business even more successful? Curious about the implementation process of Smart Contracts and it’s pricing? We are here to help and answer your questions.